Gazania rigens   Treasureflower C DD I

Gazania rigens

As often happens when you go plant hunting, the surprises happen on the way and not at the destination. Hoping to find Duchesnea indica (Yellow-flowered Strawberry) near a cemetery, we came across a large wall with all sorts of interesting wild plants, introductions and escapes growing on it. This one was growing happily out of a crack and you know that had you planted it there, it would have died. 

Stace says it that this South African introduction is found on rocks and cliffs near the sea - exactly where we found it. The daisy-like plants nearby are Erigeron karvinskianus (Mexican Fleabane) which is everywhere on walls in Guernsey. We never did find the Duchesnea but found about seven or eight excellent other plants all except one in flower too.

Wall near German Cemetery, Guernsey, 22nd June 2004

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