Gentianella campestris   Field Gentian C DD N

Gentianella campestris whole Gentianella campestris

This is not a rare plant but recently concern has been expressed about the threat to this species which maybe declining. It certainly used to be common in Scotland with site reducing in frequency with southerly latitude. Perhaps more work needs to be done here. The Gentianella species are not easily identified as superfically they look similar. This is one species where it's useful to have a field guide with a key to the differentiating features such as sepals.

Gentianella campestris

Gentianella campestris Field Gentian

Whitewell, Scotland 17th July 2007

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Gentianella campestris

LHS: Newtonmore, Scotland 19th July 2007, RHS: Whitewell, Scotland 17th July 2007

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