Geranium pusillum   Small-flowered Crane's-bill C DD N

Geranium pusillum Geranium pusillum close

There is a fair amount of this plant growing on the verges in this part of Cheshire and like the name suggests, the flower is quite small. It doesn't look like it in the photo but an individual flower scarcely exceeds 1 cm in diameter. At this site it grows intermingled with Geranium molle (Dove's-foot Crane's-bill) as if deliberately trying to confuse the amateur botanist. Apart from the the smaller, more lilac flower in G. pusillum as opposed to deep pink coloured flowers in G molle, the leaves are different. In G pusillum I always look for the deeply cut leaves individual lobes of which are have three smaller lobes (see LHS photo).

It is common throughout England with a preference for the East. It isn't as common in Wales and is uncommon in Ireland and the north west of Scotland

Helsby, Cheshire 30th April 2007

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