Geranium tuberosum   Tuberous Crane's-bill

Geranium tuberousm whole Geranium tuberousm close

This very attractive species with its relatively large flowers (compared with our G. molle {Dove's-foot Crane's-bill} and G. pusillum {Small-flowered Crane's-bill} for instance) and purple-veined petals has become garden favourite and various cultivars are available from nurseries in the UK. The notched petals, hairiness of the plant and the tuberous rootstock are all identifying characters. In the Mediterranean it grows more towards the east and here in Cyprus it was a common wayside plant.

Geranium tuberosum

Geranium tuberosum Tuberous Crane's-bill

Vouni, Cyprus 15th April 2011

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Geranium tuberosum Tuberous Crane's-bill

Neglected vineyards oustide Vouni, Cyprus 15th April 2011

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