Geum rivale   Water Avens CC DD N

Geum rivale flower 1 Geum rivale fruiting Geum rivale flower 2 Geum rivale white flower

This plant will grow some way from water although you do find it on the banks of rivers especially in limestone areas. It hybridises with Geum urbanum (Herb Bennet) easily to create a wide variety of Geum x intermedium offspring when they grow near each other. It can flower surprisingly early in the year and this is a plant which I've seen with a few flowers in full bloom on March 1st although that is unusual. The rarer white form was growing alongside normally coloured blooms with no intermediate colours.

It is found throughout the British Isles but prefers the north. It is abundant in Scotland but uncommon in the south east corner of England.

LHS: Cressbrookdale 13th May 2004 Mid LHS & RHS: Chee Dale 15th June 06

RHS: White form: Side of Road, Western Teesdale 17th May 2008

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