Geum x intermedium   Hybrid Geum C DD N

Geum x intermedium

This plant is the fertile hybrid between Geum urbanum (Herb Bennet or Wood Avens) and Geum rivale (Water avens). This one has the more open yellow flowers of Geum urbanum and the drooping habit and long stamens of Geum rivale but there are all shapes, sizes and colours to be found wherever this hybrid grows. I find it mostly in wet habitats where Geum rivale grows and first saw it in Chee Dale in Derbyshire beginning to flower in late February although its normal flowering period is late spring to early summer.

G. x intermedium is mostly recorded from the middle of mainland Britain: northern England and southern Scotland. It also occurs in Wales, northern Ireland, Scotland near inverness and the south west of England but much in the south east.

Banks of River Tees near Bowlees Quarry 21st June 2005

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