Glebionis segetum   Corn Marigold DD I

Glebionis segetum Glebionis segetum close

This introduced, attractive cornfield weed is much less common than it once was on arable land and this tatty specimen was on the edge of a football pitch of a small club where the ground staff can't afford expensive herbicides. It is an east Mediterranean native which has spread throughout the Mediterranean and the British Isles. Now known as Glebionis segetum by European botanists and named Xanthophthalmum segetum by Sell and Murell, it has now been given Glebionis as the genus name in New Flora of the British Isles Third edition by Clive Stace.

This plant is found throughout the British Isles and Ireland but not on the high ground. It is most likely to be found near the coast.

Kop end (crowd 47) of Cae Baker, Penrhyn Coch, Nr Aberystwyth, Wales 4th Sept 04

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