Glyceria maxima   Reed Sweet-grass C DD N

Glyceria maxima whole Glyceria maxima leaf Glyceria maxima close

This grass can grow to 2.5 metres and some of the plants in this stand were at least that height. As an extremely tall grass it isn't very difficult to identify as its height rules out so many of the others. It could possibly be confused with Festuca pratensis (Meadow Fescue) which doesn't have such a branched panicle of flowers nor will it normally grow in water which this Glyceria will.

G. maxima is common in England but not in central Wales. In Scotland it is found in the central industrial belt and towards Aberdeenshire but not often elsewhere. The Irish population tends to be concentrated in the eastern centre part of the island.

Frodsham marshes, near M56 9th July 2005

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