Gymnadenia borealis   Heath Fragrant-orchid RR DD N

Gymnadenia borealis Durham Gymnadenia borealis N.W. Scotland

This plant I recognised as a Fragrant Orchid but wasn't even aware that taxonomists had recognised a sub species borealis until it was pointed out by our excellent leader on this WFS trip in Teesdale. Later in 2010 they upgraded the status even further to full species. The labellum in this sub species is hardly lobed at all but there are such variations in orchids I doubt I would have paid much attention even if I'd noticed it.

Although this species is named borealis (= northern) there are significant sites in both Hampshire and Cornwall in the south of England. Otherwise most records are from the north of Scotland with other sites dotted about in northern England, southern Scotland, and a few in wales and northern Ireland.

Gymnadenia borealis is a new name given in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 (2010) by Clive Stace for what was previously as sub species: Gymnadenia conopsea ssp borealis. The English name was also modified to Heath Fragrant-orchid as previously all sub species were known as Fragrant Orchid

LHS: Bank of River Tees, 21st June 2005 RHS Coast near Achmelvic 18th June 2006

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