Herniaria ciliolata ssp ciliolata   Fringed Rupturewort RR DD N

Herneraria ciliolata whole Herneraria ciliolata close

An ancient remedy for kidney stones, ruptures and the like, the dried plant was to be taken with a glass of wine. This is totally unproven unlike some ancient herbal remedies so there are no redeeming features for this unglamorous, prostrate, green plant with tiny, greenish yellowy flowers. It is supposed to be rare even on Guernsey but we did find it in other places than L'Ancresse. It's probably not rare though - it's just such a boring little plant that no-one looks for it.

The other sub-species ssp subciliata lives on Jersey and is a Channel Islands endemic - thank goodness we didn't know where it was.

Herniaria ciliolata can be found in Cornwall and the Fylde coast as well as the Channel Islands and one site in south Wales but there is none recorded from elsewhere.

Guernsey, L'Ancresse Common 19th June 2004

Amended on January 27th 2005, updated 6th February 2009, updated 6th April 2010

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