Hosta ventricosa?   Hosta C DD I

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There are over 70 species of Hosta with many hundreds of varieties. It is a very popular garden plant both with people for its shade tolerant characteristics and with slugs or snails for whom it is a great delicacy. In my own garden I have seen Hostas eaten to a tiny green stump by slugs and snails so it was a great surprise to find this patch thriving by the side of a disused road in a damp hollow - exactly the sort of place I would expect to find such predators.

Perhaps for the reason that no-one expects this plant to be able to survive in the wild, it does not feature on the BSBI list or in Stace and short of consultinga Hosta expert, I cannot identify it any further with certainty. However the one-sided habit of the flowers and the green leaves make it very similar to Hosta ventricosa.

Common Lane, Partington 10th July 2007

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