Hydrocharis morsus-ranae   Frogbit C DD N

Hydrocharis morsus ranae

This common plant isn't as common as you might think. It is found typically in ponds which have been used for traditional purposes like cattle-watering but since many farms now have piped water, it is the (usually overflowing) cattle trough which serves that purpose these days. The old ponds tend to be filled in, given to anglers who are not known for their kindness to waterside plants or allowed to become overshadowed by willows. Ponds are decreasing in number and so therefore are the sites for this plant.

There is still plenty of it recorded in southern England but surprisingly little in Wales and even less in Scotland. In Ireland it is dotted around the centre of the island.

Pond, Dunham on the Hill, Cheshire 11th August 2006

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