Inula crithmoides   Golden Samphire R DD N

Inula crithmoides whole Inula crithmoides whole

This grows in similar places to Rock Samphire (Crithmum maritimum) but is not related to it and so although it looks nothing like it. Both Samphires grow in similar habitats and the sort of plant you would find growing on sea-sprayed rocks nearby would be Sea Pinks (Armeria maritima) and Sea lavenders (Limonium species).

It is an uncommon plant found on the coasts of southern and south eastern England, north Wales and southern and eastern Ireland but there is little on any of the Scottish coasts or those in northern England

Inula crithmoides

Inula crithmoides Golden Samphire

Torteval, Guernsey 19th June 2004

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Inula crithmoides (close)

Torteval, Guernsey 19th June 2004

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