Isolepis cernua   Slender club-rush C DD N

Isolepsis cernua whole Isolepsis cernua close

This little clump was found in a gully surrounded by tussocks of vegetation which made access very much more difficult than at first it seemed. It looks like the very much commoner Isolepis setacea (Bristle Club-rush) but the heads nod much more and the bract overtops the inflorescence only a little.

This plant is found mostly at the coast and is very western in it distribution. It is found along the Welsh coast, the Cornish coast and the coasts of the inner and outer Hebrides as well as being along much of the coast of Ireland. Apart from a little in East Anglia there is none to to be found on the east coasts of England or Scotland.

Cliffs near Sandyhurst Bay North Cornwall 20th July 2008

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