Juglans nigra   Black Walnut I

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Rows of Juglans nigra, an introduced species from North America, were planted in this part of east Anglia many years ago and they have matured into large trees which fruit regularly. The fruits have been moved somehow (they are quite large and inedible by humans) to nearby verges where several young trees and small saplings are now flourishing.

There are a few sites around southern England for this tree but it only grows in a few places and there is none at all in Wales, Ireland or Scotland.

Juglans nigra

Juglans nigra Black Walnut

Santon Downham, East Anglia, 4th September

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Juglans nigra Black Walnut

Roadside near Santon Downham, East Anglia, 4th September

Added on 8th September 2011

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