Kickxia spuria   Round-leaved Fluellen C DD N

Kickxia spuria

Both of the Kickxia genus were growing together at this site so it was an excellent opportunity to compare the two. The round leaves of K. spuria were proportionately much larger than the arrow-shaped leaved of K. elatine (Sharp-leaved Fluellen). In both plants the flowers were borne on long procumbent stems with flowers springing from each axil of leaf and stem. At this site the flowers on the K. spuria were larger and more brightly coloured than those of K. elatine.

K. spuria is a plant of the southern counties of England and has rarely been recorded north of Lincolnshire. There is only one old record in Scotland, it does not grow in Ireland and is limited to only a few sites in Wales.

Disturbed ground near fence, Village near Monmouth September 6th 2005

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