Lagoecia cuminoides   Wild Cumin

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Although one of the English names is Wild Cumin (it is also known simply as Lagoecia), real Cumin is Cuminum cyminum. Real cumin seeds are used in cooking particularly in the Middle East but as the species name cuminoides (= a bit like Cumin) suggests, Lagoecia cuminoides has been used in the past as a substitute for Cumin and also as a sort of analgesic for such pain as toothache.

This was a common plant, quite small and easily missed in the grassland. It grows in Spain, Italy and Greece but becomes commoner as you go eastwards in the Mediterranean.

Lagoecia cuminoides

Lagoecia cuminoides Wild Cumin

Akamas peninsula, Cyprus 18th April 2011

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Lagoecia cuminoides Wild Cumin

By coastal path, Akamas peninsula, Cyprus 18th April 2011

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