Lamiastrum galeobdolon ssp argentatum   Yellow Archangel (Garden) I

Lamium galeobdolon ssp argentatum

This plant is becoming a nuisance. It is grown in gardens for its excellent ground covering ability but has no difficulty in escaping through a hedge and competing with the coarse herbs like nettle, dock and cocksfoot grass. It is much more vigorous than L. galeobdolon ssp galeobdolon which is our wild (proper) woodland yellow Archangel. The white blotches on the leaves are the characteristic which makes this ssp different.

Hardly known in the British Isles before the second world war and even recorded from just a few places in the 1970s and 1980s, this plant has now spread so fast that it is very easily found in the countryside of England, Wales and industrial central Scotland. In Ireland it is found mostly in the populated north eastern regions and in south eastern areas of the Republic.

Roadside verge, Cheshire 8th April 2005

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