Lemna minor   Common Duckweed CCC DD N

Lemna minor

L. minor often forms such a complete covering on ponds that no water is visible and non botanists sometimes confuse it with filamentous algae like Blanket weed. There are quite a few pond algae all known as Blanket weed such as species of Spirogyra, Rhizoclonium, Enteromorpha or most commonly Cladophora glomerata but Lemna minor is a vascular plant.

L. Minor does flower but you would have to get very close to see the tiny anthers which is difficult in the case of a floating plant. Each leaf usually has one root which trails in the water of the pond or puddle. It can survive a drought surprisingly well as long as the remaining mud in the pond is a little moist. Don't introduce this plant to your pond though it will take over and you'll have difficult job getting rid of it.

Lemna minor is found throughout England, Wales and Ireland and in much of Scotland apart from the high ground in the extreme north

Old Mill Pond near Pystill, Lleyn North Wales 25th July 2005

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