Malva moschata   Musk Mallow C DD N

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There are some plants which aren't rare but which don't have a very specific habitat. M. moschata is one of these and I see it most often on a dual carriageway verge when zooming past it at 70 mph. Our local colony is on the verge of a fast country road and I took the photo with cars flashing past.

M. moschata is common throughout England and Wales and it can fairly easily be found in Scotland in the east even up to Inverness. In Ireland it is common only on the south east. Stace reckons it is probably not native in northern Britain and Ireland.

Malva moschata

Malva moschata Musk Mallow

Canal towpath, Limehouse London 1st July 2006

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Malva moschata Musk Mallow

LHS: Sutton Station car park, London 1st July 2006 RHS: Verge nr Manley , Cheshire 27th September 2004

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