Myriophyllum aquaticum   Parrot's-feather DD I

Myriophyllum aquaticum

This is one of the water millfoils of which three are native and this one is introduced from South America. It has become a nuisance spreading quickly in ponds and swamping all the native vegetation. It is thought to have arrived from throw-outs by people who keep fish in aquariums.

For some reason we spent hours looking for this pestilent foreign weed and couldn't even find the pond it was supposed to be in in spite of having a 10 figure GPS reference. Eventually we were shown the pond - largely dried up with this luxuriant growth all over the mud. Wasn't really worth the effort was it?

L'Ancresse Golf Course, Guernsey, 20th June 2004

Added on November 22nd 2004, updated 5th January 2011

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