Neotinea maculata   Dense-flowered Orchid

Neotinia maculata (Cyprus) Neotinia maculata (Spain)

This dull little orchid was the least interesting of the dozen orchids we found in Northern Cyprus in 2004 and in Spain in 2008. The LHS specimen was growing in shade in woodland close to the Cyprus version of the Stawberry Tree (which I forgot to photograph). The Spanish plant was in the hills of their Lake District and I nearly overlooked it so insignificant were the few plants there.

N. maculata does grow in the U.K but only in a few sites in the west of Ireland in the Irish Republic.

LHS: Woodland near North Cyprus Herbarium, 7th April 2004 RHS: Near Ardales, Andalucia, Spain, 27th March 2008

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