Oenanthe lachenalii   Parsley Water-dropwort C DD N

Oenanthe lachenalii whole Oenanthe lachenalii fruit Oenanthe lachenalii close

The plants in this genus tend to grow in wet places often, as in the photo actually in shallow still water. Most often the wet places will be near the sea so the vast majority of the records are from coastal areas of England, Wales Ireland and western Scotland. There is little in the eats of Scotland and it is found inland in southern England.

The Greeks thought this plant reminded them of the flowers of the vine which is what Oenanthe means.

Oenanthe lachenalii

Oenanthe lachenalii Parsley Water-dropwort

Frodsham marshes, Cheshire 9th July 2007

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Oenanthe lachenalii Parsley Water-dropwort

LHS: Red Rocks, 29th September 2004 Wirral Middle & RHS: Frodsham marsh, Cheshire 9th July 2007

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