Oenothera glazioviana   Large-flowered Evening-primrose DD I

Oenothera glazioviana whole Oenothera glazioviana close

It isn't obvious from the photo that the plant was about 1.4 m tall and the flowers were nearly the size of dinner plates but they were. This was an extra from our search on Jersey for the Echium plantageneum (Purple Viper's-bugloss) which grew nearby.

O. glazioviana is common in England and very common in the south east but less common in Wales except at the coast. It is uncommon in Scotland and Ireland.

Oenothera glazioviana

Oenothera glazioviana Large-flowered Evening-primrose

Sutton Station car park, London 1st July 2006

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Oenothera glazioviana Large-flowered Evening-primrose

Nature reserve, St. Ouens, Jersey 21st June 2004

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