Oreopteris limbosperma   Lemon-scented Fern CC DD N

Oreopteris limbosperma

This a tufted fern which looks superficially like Athyrium filix-femina (Lady Fern) but is a lighter shade of green. Ferns which look like this are not that easy to identify but crush a portion of the leaf and the distinct, pleasant smell of lemon can be detected although it isn't a powerful scent.

O. limbosperma is common in norther England, Wales and Scotland but far less common in the English midlands and east Anglia. In Ireland it is uncommon and is found in patches at the four points of the compass and not much in between.

Ben Lawers Nature trail 11th July 2005

Added on November 10th 2005, updated 21st January 2011

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