Orobanche minor   Common Broomrape

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This is an introduced species in western Australia and at first it was thought to be Orobanche cernua var australiana. O. cernua and O. ramosa do grow in Australia but not in Western Australia and the purplish colour of the flowers are unusual compared with the more browny colours in the UK. However colour of the main plant isn't much of an indication of identity in Orobanche species as indicated in book by C.A.J. Kreutze who says O. minor can be: red-brown, violet-purple, yellow-brown or brownish tinged with red rarely yellow-brown. This one is certainly densely glandular hairy.


Orobanche minor Common Broomrape

Wireless Hill Park, Perth 21st September 2007

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Orobanche minor Common Broomrape

LHS: near road to Pinnacles desert 10th September 2007 RHS: Wireless Hill Park, Perth 21st September 2007

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