Oxalis acetosella   Wood Sorrel C DD N

Oxalis acetosella whole Oxalis acetosella close

This is usually a woodland plant and therefore flowers in Spring before the leaves have made the light levels too low. It also grows in conditions similar to woodland such as under rocks in mountain areas which is where one of these plants was flowering. In mountain areas Spring flowers like this can still be seen in flower as late as July or even August. The flowers usually look white with clover shaped leaves from a distance but when you get close the delicate purple veins of the flowers can be seen.

Oxalis acetosella is uncommon in parts of e and areas around the Wash in England but otherwise is found throughout the British Isles.

Oxalis acetosella

Oxalis acetosella Wood Sorrel

Cheshire lane near Alvanley, 18th April 2010

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Oxalis acetosella

LHS: Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia 31st May 2002 RHS: Warburton Wood, Cheshire 14th April 2006

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