Oxalis pes-caprae   Bermuda-buttercup DD I

Oxalis pes-caprae

Oxalis species, once they get a hold are difficult to get rid of as you will know if you've ever had them on a garden path on in a rockery. This one is a ubiquitous weed in Mediterranean islands and a few weeks earlier we saw acres of it in the Maltese islands. Here in Guernsey it is dotted occasionally on the roadside banks and so is worthy of note. It isn't a buttercup of course but can be as effective in colouring the countryside en masse.

Dotted in only a few places in England and Wales this species has truly invaded the Scilly Isles and to a much lesser extent the Channel islands. It is not found in Scotland or Ireland.

St Saviours, Guernsey, 16th April 2005

Added on 20th April 2005, updated 25th January 2011

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