Parus major   Great Tit

Parus major Great Tit table Parus major Great Tit on branch

Parus major is probably one of the commonest Passerine birds (Family: Paridae) in europe and much of the northern hemisphere. It doesn't like to emigrate which is why it is so often seen on garden feeders in the UK in winter. Science has now discovered many sub species of this bird.

This was the most frequent and greedy visitor to the bird table near the hide at Marbury and is one of our commonest birds seen in the garden in winter.

Parus major

Parus major Great Tit

Marbury reed bed, Marbury Mere, Cheshire 1st April 2009

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Parus major Great Tit

Bird Hide at Marbury Mere, Cheshire 1st April 2009

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