Persicaria bistorta   Bistort C DD N

Persicaria bistorta whole Persicaria bistorta whole

This is a quite common plant but when in full flower a stand of Bistort is as eye-catching as any wild flower. The "bistort" from the Latin: bistorta refers to the twisted snake-like shape of the rhizome (underground stem) of this plant. Naturally using the principles of sympathetic magic it was used as a cure for snake bite in the old days.

P. bistorta is common throughout Wales and England particularly in the damper north but records are not so common in Scotland and in the far north it is uncommon. It is rare in mid and southern Ireland.

Persicaria bistorta

Persicaria bistorta Bistort

Banks of River Tees, Teesdale, 21st June 2005

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Persicaria bistorta Bistort

Filed near Rivington, Lancashire, 6th June 2007

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