Persicaria vivipara   Alpine Bistort C DD N

Persicaria vivipara whole Persicaria vivipara close

This plant flowers a little earlier than most alpines which, because of the colder climate at altitude usually wait until June July and August. It is found at 900 metres or more but can also exist happily at lower altitudes. The left hand side photo, on the banks of the River Tees was one of the last in flower at this locality. As the flowers die, they reveal little purplish bulbils.

Almost absent from England except in cold northern sites like Teesdale and the Pennines and with only one site in Wales the greatest frequency of this species is seen in the the Scottish hills. It is rare in Ireland.

LHS: Cetry Bank, Teesdale 21st June 2005 RHS: garrigil, Cumbria, 16th June 2008

Added on 28th September 2005, updated 25th February 2011

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