Petrophile divaricata Endemic

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We found several specimens of this shrub which is said to be 0.5 to 2 m tall in Florabase. At least one of those was taller than 2m, had a large spread and plenty of flowers. Divaricata means spreading but this probably refers to the network of mucronate (spike tipped) leaves. P. divaricata is found in the southern part of the Wheat Belt and most records are from the Albany region.

The flowers are usually cream or yellow but in one case they had a pinkish tinge.

Petrophile divaricata

Petrophile divaricata No English name

Dryandra Forest ride, 16th September 2007

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Petrophile divaricata No English name

W.A. Wild Flower Society tour 2007, LHS: Mercer Road 12th Sept. RHS: Dryandra Forest ride, 16th Sept.

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