Petrophile heterophylla   Variable-leaved Cone-bush Endemic

Petrophile heterophylla whole Petrophile heterophylla close

There are at least three varieties of this shrub: var angustifolia (narrow-leaved), var latifolia (broad-leaved) and var intermedia which indicate the variable nature of the leaf shape, hence the name: Petrophile heterophylla. The flowers can be white, cream or yellow and although not threatened it grows mostly in the far south west corner of Western Australia around the Stirling Range and also in Jarrah Forest areas.

Petrophile heterophylla

Petrophile heterophylla Variable-leaved Cone-bush

Dryandra Forest ride, 16th September 2007

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Petrophile heterophylla Variable-leaved Cone-bush

W.A Wild Flower Society tour: Dryandra Forest ride, 16th September 2007

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