Petrorhagia prolifera   Proliferous Pink RRR DD N

Petrorhagia prolifera whole Petrorhagia prolifera close

This small colony of Petrorhagia prolifera was virtually finished when we visited it but some pedicels had the last single or in some cases two flowers left. This is quite a tall plant for a pink but the flowers themselves were about the same size as those on other pinks such as Dianthus deltoides (Maiden Pink).

At one time this plant was found dotted over southern England but now appears to be confined to one or two sites only. It is unknown in Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

Petrorhagia prolifera

Petrorhagia prolifera Proliferous Pink

Cranwich camp, east Anglia 4th September 2011

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Petrorhagia prolifera Proliferous Pink

Cranwich camp, East Anglia 4th September 2011

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