Phyteuma orbiculare   Round-headed Rampion

Phyteuma orbiculare whole Phyteuma orbiculare close

This plant is supposed only to grow between heights of 5,000 feet and 8,500 feet in some southern regions of the Alps but it is also a rare native in the chalk lowlands of southern Britain. Perhaps this lends support to the idea that our British plant is a separate segregate or sub species: ssp tenerum, for even allowing for a more northerly latitude in Britain, at a starting height of 5,000 feet it would scarcely flower at the summit of a little hillock called Ben Nevis.

P. orbiculare can be blue, violet or rarely white in colour.

Phyteuma orbiculare

Phyteuma orbiculare Round-headed Rampion

Val de Fain, Engadine, Switzerland 6th July 2010

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Phyteuma orbiculare Round-headed Rampion

LHS: by path from Pontresina station 7th July 2010 RHS Val de Fain, Engadine, Switzerland 6th July 2010

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