Pimelea nivea   Cotton Bush Tasmanian Endemic

Pimelea nivea whole Pimelea nivea close

Motoring along the Eastern Tasmanian coast road towards Freycinet National Park, we spied a large patch of tall white flowers on the verge. They seem to fit the description and few photos of Pimelea nivea which does grow on the coast and up to 1,000 feet in the hills. P. nivea is also known as Round-leave Rice-flower.

In the close-up photo you can see the very cottony fibres which probably give this plant its English name.

Pimelea nivea

Pimelea nivea Cotton Bush

Near St Helens, Tasmania, 6th September 2007

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Pimelea nivea Cotton Bush

Coast road out of St Helens, Tasmania, 6th September 2007

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