Polystichum aculeatum   Hard Shield-fern C DD N

Polystichum aculeatum whole Polystichum aculeatum close

To distinguish this from P. setiferum (Soft Shield Fern) you touch it to see if it is stiff and look for the older fronds from the previous season. Both have the little pinule sticking out the base of the frond towards the rachis (central stalk in a fern) as can be seen in the close photographs.

Polystichum aculeatum is common throughout England, Wales and Scotland but is far less common in the inland eastern counties. In Ireland it is commoner in the north.

Polystichum aculeatum

Polystichum aculeatum Hard Shield-fern

Gaitbarrows, Lanacashire 12th June 2004

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Polystichum aculeatum Hard Shield-fern

LHS Coed Cilygroeslwyd, NorthWales 10th February 2002 RHS: Gaitbarrows, Lanacashire 12th June 2004

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