Potamogeton pectinatus   Fennel Pondweed CC D N

Potamogeton pectinatus Potamogeton pectinatus flower

The extremely thin stems and leaves of this pondweed could be confused with one or two other like P. berchtoldii so I'm grateful to more expert botanists for pointing this one out to me.

The photo on the left has been doctored to try to reduce the glare typical even when using a polarising lens.

This waterweed is found fairly commonly in England and Wales but with frequency decreasing rapidly towards the west. It isn't common in northern Scotland but there are good concentrations in Orkney and the Uists. It is fairly often found Ireland more so in the north.

LHS: Nob End canal, 12th June 2006 RHS: Warrington canal 11th August 2006

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