Poterium sanguisorba ssp balearicum   Fodder Burnet I

Poterium sanguisorba ssp balearicum flower Poterium sanguisorba ssp balearicum leaves

This introduced plant, once grown for fodder, is usually a more robust sub species than the common S. minor ssp minor. The flowerheads are often a little larger and the leaves more deeply serrated. Commonly found in grassy places in southern, central and north west England, the distribution thins as you go north with fewer sites in Scotland and very few in Ireland.

Until recently this plant was known as Sanguisorba minor ssp muricatum but there was change in Edition 3 (2010) of New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace which is the text to which this site refers for guidance on taxonomy.

Nob End Country Park 12th June 2006

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