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This is a very common wayside and meadow plant and in my garden at least it is also a persistent and successful lawn weed. Nearly always blue, it can be occasionally white and rarely pink. In the old days it was also known as Carpenter's Herb as they used it to treat cuts and abrasions. The styptic properties of Prunella vulgaris cause blood vessels to contract, stopping bleeding from a wound and so promoting self healing.

Prunella vulgaris is found throughout the British Isles and Ireland including all the outer islands.

Prunella vulgaris

Prunella vulgaris Self-heal

Helsby garden weed, Cheshire 26th July 2011

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Prunella vulgaris Self-heal

LHS: Helsby garden weed, Cheshire 26th July 2011 RHS: 18th September 2009

Added on December 3rd 2004, updated 26th July 2011

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