Prunus domestica ssp insititia   Damson I

Prunus doemstica ssp insititia whole Prunus doemstica ssp insititia close

There are many Prunus species and possibly hybrids which flower in these parts of Cheshire. The only ones which I am certain are P. domestica ssp insititia actually yield fruit later in the year and conveniently tend to leave shrivelled remnants (see background in bottom centre of LHS photo) on the trees through the winter and into spring.

Prunus domestica ssp insititia is found in much of England and south Wales but only is present in pockets near built up areas in Scotland. It is uncommon in Ireland except in the south eastern coastal areas and patches in the north.

Edge of Cheshire footpath, April 10th 2005

Added on April 15th 2005, updated July 26th 2011

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