Pseudorchis albida   Small White Orchid R DD N

Pseudorchis albida whole Pseudorchis albida spike Pseudorchis albida close

This rather insignificant orchid superficially resembles Neotinea maculata (Dense-flowered Orchid) in size and colour but the florets and leaves are quite different on close inspection. It has quite broad basal leaves, a dense spike of small greenish, white florets and will grow in both calcareous and acidic soils.

It is found most often in the north of mainland Britain and it is quite often that you can find it by the tracks leading up a Scottish mountain. It also found in northern Ireland is scattered in Wales but is absent from the warm lowlands of southern England.

Pseudorchis albida

Pseudorchis albida Small White Orchid


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Pseudorchis albida Small White Orchid

Hillside near Garrigill, Cumbria 16th June 2008

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