Pterostylis recurva   Jug Orchid Endemic

Pterostylis recurva whole Pterostylis recurva close

The long pointed parts of the sepals of this orchid point upwards in many of the Pterostylis genus giving them the appearance of having horns like a snail. Hence many are called "Snail Orchids" but generally are known as "Greenhoods". In this plant they are often recurved or pointing downwards from sepals which are usually green and white but which turn brown or reddish when mature.

Pterostylis recurva is common in the south west corner of Western Australia


Pterostylis recurva

Pterostylis recurva Jug Orchid

Dryandra Forest Ride, Western Australia, 16th September 2007

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Pterostylis recurva Jug Orchid

W.A. W.F.S. tour: LHS: Dryandra Forest, W. Australia, 16th Sept. RHS: Harrismith Reserve 15th Sept. 2007

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