Pulmonaria officinalis   Lungwort I

Pulmonaria officinalis whole Pulmonaria officinalis leaf

This plant was very commonly grown in gardens and has successfully escaped into the wild over the years. It isn't uncommon to see the spotted leaves and different coloured flowers of this plant a long way from the nearest garden very early in Spring. The name Lungwort derives from the sympathetic medicine approach of old as the leaves look like ulcerated lung tissue hence it could be used as a cure for such ailments. It has other common names like Joseph and Mary, Soldiers and Sailors - all the type of name indicating a plant the flowers of which change colour.

Pulmonaria officinalis is found throughout England and Wales It is also found in Scotland except in the mountainous areas, the far north and west. It is rare in Ireland.

LHS: Near River Bank, Nr Ruthin 17th March 2005 RHS: Northwich, Cheshire 31st March 2009

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