Pyrola minor   Common Wintergreen

Pyrola minor whole Pyrola minor close

The flowers of Pyrola minor never seem to open much more than these plants and as they point downwards it's hard to get a view of the anthers and stigma on such a small plant. It is also known as Lesser Wintergreen.

Pyrola minor grows throughout much of Europe but unlike the ones in the British Isles which can be upland or lowland, here they are mostly found in the hills.

Pyrola minor

Pyrola minor Common Wintergreen

by path to Pontresina station, Engadine Switzerland 7th July 2010

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Pyrola minor Common Wintergreen

LHS: By Morteratsch Glacier 9th July 2010 LHS: Near Pontresina station, Engadine, Switzerland 7th July 2010

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