Ranunculus auricomus   Goldilocks Buttercup C DD N

Ranunculus auricomus whole Ranunculus auricomus close

This is an apomictic species for which several hundred agamospecies (agamo = without gametes, therefore asexual reproduction) have been found on the continent according to Stace. There are probably another 100 or so waiting to be described in the British Isles but no-one has done it yet. This plant sometimes has a missing petal or two - occasionally no petals. It looks as though it has been damaged somehow but that is how it grows. This specimen was complete - something which isn't common.

Common in England and southern Scotland, Ranunculus auricomus is absent form large parts of Wales and northern Scotland. In Ireland it is commonest in the north.

Ranunculus auricomus

Ranunculus auricomus Goldilocks Buttercup

Cressbrookdale, 7th May 2009

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Ranunculus auricomus Goldilocks Buttercup

Cressbrookdale, Derbyshire 7th May 2009

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