Rapistrum rugosum ssp linnaeanum   Bastard Cabbage I

Rapistrum rugosum Rapistrum rugosum

This yellow crucifer, which at first glance looks much like Hirschfeldia incana (Hoary Mustard) or Brassica nigra (Black mustard) in overall appearance, is an introduced species form Southern Europe. As with all yellow crucifers, it's no use looking at the flowers for clues but in this case the "Brandy-bottle" shaped fruits make identification simpler. There is another sub species ssp rugosum the fruits of which have a longer and thicker neck but most of this plant is ssp linnaeanum in the British Isles.

It isn't found in large concentrations in England but is commoner towards the south east. It is uncommon in Wales and Scotland and in most of Ireland except in and around the Dublin area.

Waste ground by the sea, Dublin bay, Republic of Ireland 20th June 2009

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