Rhamnus alaternus   Mediterranean Buckthorn I

Rhamnus alaternus Rhamnus alaternus fruit

This is an evergreen shrub which has been well naturalised all over the Great Orme for decades to my knowledge. It flowers (no petals) very early, sometimes in late January, and often both leaves and buds are scorched by the frosts and winds of winter here. It is a Mediterranean introduction.

There are very few places in the British Isles where this plant has naturalised itself: four in England, two in Ireland and four in Wales but none in Scotland.

Rhamnus alaternus

Rhamnus alaternus Mediterranean Buckthorn

Great Orme 4th March 2009

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Rhamnus alaternus Mediterranean Buckthorn

LHS: Great Orme 22nd March 2006 RHS: Great Orme 26th May 2009

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