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Rosa canina Rosa canina fruit

Common it might be, but what a sight this plant makes in June in the hedgerows.  Roses are difficult to identify because they hybridise so readily but this plant had the hooked prickles, arching stems and flower shape of Rosa canina and was one plant of many in the hedgerows. Various sub groups have been suggested for Rosa canina but these are for experts to determine this plant is strictly R. canina agg.

The fruits called hips contain a high concentration of Vitamin C and were collected during World War 2 ion Britain so that Rose-hip Syrup could be made form them. They can also be used to make tea, jam and even soup. The flowers are a source of perfume.

The R. canina aggregate is common throughout the British Isles even occurring in good numbers on the outer islands of Orkney and Shetland.

Rosa canina

Rosa canina Dog-rose

Lleyn peninsula, North Wales 18th June 2010

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Rosa canina Dog-rose

LHS: Lleyn peninsula, North Wales 18th June 2010 RHS: Helsby. Cheshire 10th October 2004

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