Rubus chamaemorus   Cloudberry C DD N

Rubus chamaemorus whole Rubus chamaemorus close

It was a bit of a surprise to find this plant in flower so early in the year but there were a few so perhaps May is more usual than I thought. The succulent looking orange fruit (not photographed yet) is found later in the year and is edible. It is a sub arctic alpine plant and has been cultivated for market in some Scandinavian countries. It is eaten as the raw fruit, or in jams and juices and even, in Alaska to make ice-cream by the Inuit people.

In the British Isles there are few records from Wales, one from Ireland, and some from northern England but this primarily a Scottish plant. I expect to find it in most of the Scottish mountains. On the north coast and on Orkney it is found nearer sea level.

Cromdale Hills, Scotland 15th May 2007

Added on 20th February 2008, updated 20th January 2012

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